Let's get one thing straight. 🫠

We’re NOT pressuring you to use psychedelics.

We’d never tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t put in their body to explore their mind or connect with their spirit. Despite what many politicians think, we believe that’s a personal choice.

Now here’s what we are encouraging—safety and responsibility.

If you’re planning to try psychedelics—whether for healing, personal growth, or pure fun—it’s important to understand the incredible power these substances hold. Because when you know the risks, you can take steps to minimize them.

The last thing we want is for you to get hurt, in trouble, or ripped off. (Bet you weren’t thinking about those risks, were you?)

So let us help you, help yourself. You’ll be safer in more ways than one, and you’ll probably have a better time, too.

Put your fears to rest 🫠

After completing this fast and easy course, you'll have the knowledge and skills to:

  • 🏛️ Act with full understanding of your local laws and regulations (because they’re different everywhere)

  • 💸 Avoid getting scammed by bad actors (and go for safer, more reliable sources)

  • 👁️ Ease into and familiarize yourself with expanded states of consciousness (without any substances)

  • 💊 Ween off things you should NOT be consuming in the lead-up to a trip (aka contraindications and best practices)

  • 🛌 Set up your inner and outer environments for minimal stress and anxiety (get cozy if you want to)

  • ☎️ Know who to call if things go sideways (because sometimes friends and family just don’t understand)

  • 🫠 Feel confident and safe while tripping (or microdosing, if that’s your thing)

  • 💪 Settle back into reality and begin the journey of integration (so you can carry the magic into your everyday life)

Everything you need to know 🫠

    1. Welcome

    2. Health Risks

    3. Legal Risks

    4. Financial Risks

    1. Expanded States

    2. Set and Setting

    3. Contraindications

    1. Journeying

    2. Microdosing

    3. Integration

    4. Have a Safe Trip

About this course

  • $47.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

No stress 🫠

We get it—no one wants homework. We’re all adults here.

Rest assured this on-demand video course is practical and actionable. There’s no fluff, and you can easily knock it out in one sitting. (Total watch time <1 hour.)

Plus, it comes with cheat sheets you can reference later. Save ‘em on your phone, or put ‘em on your fridge. We don’t care, as long as you’re feeling a-okay. 👌

Oh yeah, and when you buy this course, you keep it for life. Duh.

What other Cyclists are saying 🫠

“This mini-course is exactly what I needed for my first psilocybin journey in January. I listened to it this morning as a podcast and I'll watch it again later today on my desktop computer, in order to follow the many helpful links. You managed to present the information in a way that is comprehensive and succinct at the same time. The SSRI section will be helpful to many travelers, since so many of us take SSRIs for depression. (Though, as I've learned, locating M.D. psychiatrists who are psychedelic literate is currently a challenge, we can hope/expect that to become easier in time.) Thank you for being out there in the psychosphere. (I may have just made that term up but I like it!)”

Toni S.

So, all packed and ready to go? 🫠

Enroll today, and have a safe trip!

Meet the Teacher 🫠

Henry Winslow


👋 Hey, I'm Henry, founder of Tricycle Day. I launched this newsletter because I'm passionate about the potential of psychedelics to help us heal and grow as individuals and a society. My mission for Tricycle Day is to normalize the conversation around psychedelics among everyday people. I write in plain language. I keep it light. I use memes. As a former marketing consultant to pharma clients, I earned my biomedical stripes. Let's just say I can pick apart clinical trial design. As a dedicated yoga practitioner of 13+ years, I also understand the value of direct experience. I know there aspects of reality that cannot be measured or even put into words. If you have any questions about Tricycle Day, I'm always an email away at [email protected]. I'd love to hear from you. ✌️