Plant medicine is incredible. 🌿🍄😭🙏

Seriously, the fact that nature provides molecules that can unlock our minds and hearts in such profound and mysterious ways is nothing short of miraculous.

But you know what’s even more wild? Some of those molecules are produced inside us, too.

Yup, DMT (the active compound in Ayahuasca) and 5-MeO-DMT (the so-called God molecule) are both created naturally in the human brain. And so are countless cannabinoids and opioids that can radically change our experience of reality.

Thing is, they’re usually present in such small quantities that we don’t feel a thing. So if you want to access the kinds of altered states you might expect from a medicine ceremony, you have to dial your internal knobs up to 11.

The trick, as you’ve probably guessed by now, is to use your breath. And that’s what this course will teach you exactly how to do—safely, effectively, and reliably—so you can step into that expansive version of yourself whenever you want.

Take control of your breath 🫠

In this video course, you’ll get:

  • 🧬 A clearer understanding of the science of breathing, so you choose the right technique for your needs and goals

  • 🍄 A suite of tools for psychedelic integration that no one can take away from you, so you can get more from your trips and implement lasting change in your life

  • 🧘 A practical take on meditation you may not have considered, so you can finally stick to a practice even if you’ve struggled with consistency before

  • 💗 A reliable method to enter psychedelic states in just minutes without any substances, so you can access the profound insights and expansive awareness most people only get with medicine

  • 🌬️ 5 x guided breathing sessions you can revisit any time, so you can practice along with cues and reminders that take you deeper into yourself

  • 📆 2 x week-by-week practice plans you can follow, so you don’t have to figure out how to fit breathwork into your daily life

Everything you need to know 🫠

Plus guided sessions to take you where you need to go

    1. Mindfulness Meditation

    2. [PRACTICE] Mindfulness Meditation

    3. Mindfulness of Body

    4. [PRACTICE] Mindfulness of Body

    5. Continuing the Journey

    1. Heart Coherence Breathing

    2. [PRACTICE] Heart Coherence Breathing

    3. Continuing the Journey

    1. Psychedelic Breathwork

    2. [PRACTICE] Psychedelic Breathwork

    3. Integrative Psychedelic Breathwork

    4. [PRACTICE] Integrative Psychedelic Breathwork

    5. Continuing the Journey

    1. Integrating the Practices

    2. A Protocol for the Beginning Breather

    3. A Protocol for Preparation and Integration

    4. Wrapping Up

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Go at your own pace 🫠

When you enroll in High On Your Own Supply, you get lifetime access to all 3+ hours of video content. You can take the course at your own pace, and rewatch the videos as many times as you want.

And believe us, this is not a one-and-done kinda deal. We have a feeling you’ll be coming back to the guided sessions over and over to get that sweet, oh-so-natural high for a long time to come.

We’re not saying breathing’s addictive… but if you stop, you might die. 💀

What other Cyclists are saying 🫠

“Jonathan created a safe and engaging atmosphere that allowed me to drop into the breath work seamlessly. The session was intense, and he guided it with confidence. Jonathan showed me the basics, helped me process what I came here to work on, and taught me how to create a consistent breath work practice.”

Brian C.

So, you in? 🫠

Take one more deep breath, and let’s do this.

Meet the teacher 🫠

Jonathan Schecter, Breathwork & Transformation Coach

Adding breathwork to your integration toolkit not only strengthens the connection to your inner self but also heightens awareness and helps regulate your nervous system. This course will help you access profound layers of insight and drop into deeper states of consciousness. You’ll learn to use your breath to connect the psychedelic realm and everyday reality.
Jonathan Schecter